Coldplay tribute band coming to Exmouth

Tribute band Coldplace

Coldplace, a tribute band to the pop group Coldplay, who are coming to Exmouth Pavillion this September. - Credit: Estoria PR

Coldplace, a tribute to Coldplay, are coming to Exmouth Pavilion this September.

The tribute band comprises lead singer Shane Crofts, lead guitarist Dean Stewart, bass player Asa Crofts and drummer Wayne Birch.  They formed in 2004 and have performed more than 850 shows in 30 countries.

Frontman Shane said: “We’ve been busy studying the brand new Coldplay sets and have also had a chat with Phil Harvey from Coldplay about their new style and the brand new tracks. He’s really looking forwards to seeing our interpretation of Coloratura, as it’s such a long song.

“We don’t want to give too much away, but we can say that there will be even more lasers on stage and lots of flashing lights on our instruments. We will be using the Xylobands that Coldplay use, as they really do give the edge to the show, and they will look even more amazing alongside all the extra lights we’re using too.

“We are confident that Coldplay will be pleased with the result.”

The gig takes place on Friday, September 2 and tickets are available from