Zephyr plays a round at East Devon

PUBLISHED: 10:03 11 July 2013 | UPDATED: 10:03 11 July 2013

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Golf generic picture


The July Medal and first round of the Handicap Challenge were played at East Devon on Saturday, writes Paul Willoughby.

Conditions were as good as they get - hardly a cloud in the sky and no more than a zephyr of wind, (Zephyr was Babar the Elephant’s monkey – not a lot of people know that!) but the rough; that was awful. ‘OK’, I hear you say, ‘You shouldn’t have put yourself in it (Don’t you just hate people who say that?). Yes, I know but we all go into the rough at times – even that Mr T Woods. The problem is that the rough at East Devon is in places twelve-inches deep so firstly you have to find your ball, then you have to hit it back onto the fairway. That’s not always easy as the grass tangles itself round the club head and the ball often flies in a direction you didn’t choose. Sometimes it stays in the rough! What the rough did however, was lengthen the time to play the round; so many players were hunting for balls thereby slowing play, that a round that would normally have taken three hours 40 minutes, was taking four-and-a-quarter hours.

Some sensible players kept themselves out of trouble and there were some very good scores.

The winner of the monthly medal and leader of the first round of the Handicap Challenge was our club captain, Dennis Chivers with a net 66. Well done, Dennis. The leading scores were as follows; Division One; 1, Mark Latham, net 68 from a handicap of four and now three; 2, Matt Stone, net 69 (7); 3, Robert Dance, net 70 (4); 4, Russell Corney, net 70 (7)

Division Two; 1, Dennis Chivers, net 66 (9 now 8); 2, Noel Westlake, net 70 (9); 3, David Standley, net 71 (12); 4, Derek Simmonds, net 71 (10)

Division Three; 1, Chris Devlin, net 68 (16 now 15); 2, Tony Williams, net 69 (15 now 14); 3, Eric Biddulph, net 71 (16); 4, Alan Dewhurst, net 73 (15); 5, Michael Hayes, also 73 (15)

There was a two’s pot of £142.50 to be shared between 16 players. Surprisingly there were only four No Returns from a field of 95.

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