Ups and downs for Phear Park bowlers


Triples league latest - Credit: Submitted

The last week has seen changing fortunes at Phear Park, as they slipped to defeat at Feniton in the semi-final of the Top Club comp. 

We also travelled to St Thomas Bowling Club in Exeter and played on a very parched green. At half-time the scores were fairly equal but, as they say, “it all changes after tea”. Luckily for Phear Park, we found the lines and recorded a fantastic win with a score of St Thomas 46 Phear Park 80. The rink with the highest score was John Horne, Mike Killoran and Sarah Westacott. 
On Sunday, a team from Pinces Gardens in Exeter came to Phear Park, the result was a loss by three points overall to Phear Park. There was some slight controversy on one rink with insufficient ends being played but, as always, we accepted the fact that this was a friendly match and look forward to another week in the sun.