Tri-Hard Runners brave the heat

Tri-Hards brave the heat

Tri-Hards brave the heat - Credit: Tri-Hards

The recent spate of hot weather did nothing to dampen the spirits of three hardy Tri-Hard Runners (Jason Hill, Ian Chubbie Skinner and Nigel Phillips) who embarked on their usual Monday night Recovery Run by accomplishing 6k on one of the hottest days of the year.  
Nigel said: “We call them the Monday Night Recovery Runs, as traditionally, some may have indulged in various excesses over the weekend and the Recovery Run is aimed at getting us back on track for the week ahead.  
“So, on this occasion, we met at the LED at 6:30pm and from there we ran along Marine Way, joining the Exeter Road. From there it was approximately three quarters of uphill along Hulham Road until Woodlands Drive. Down Woodlands Drive to Mount Pleasant Avenue.  
“Turning right we then went downhill and turned right at the bottom. Following the road around, again downhill, until we came to the Exeter Road pedestrian crossing. From there it was down the National Trust Path, left at the bottom and back to the LED.  
“Asked why we would bother running in this blazing heat? Yes, it’s a mystery? However, admittedly, it does feel good when you stop! Seriously though, we would all combine our voices and say that the Tri-Hards’ have been amazing for us!  
“They are truly inspirational, with the group now boasting over 300 members. However, it’s not just running, as the Tri-Hards’ repertoire also consists of: cycling, swimming, paddle boarding, beach fit and much, much more.  
“If you would like to meet up with us informally then do come along to one of our social evenings, which take place on the first Thursday of each month, where we gather opposite the Ocean on the Seafront at 7pm.  
“You can meet fellow Tri-Harder’s, without obligation or commitment and find an opportunity to run with a group at your own pace. We would consider ourselves as all inclusive. Afterwards we meet for refreshments in the Ocean should you wish to join us. For more information on the Tri-Hards’ please find us on Facebook or view our website   

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