The individual challenge at East Devon Golf Club

The beautiful East Devon Golf Club

The beautiful East Devon Golf Club - Credit: East Devon Golf Club

Members and visitors to East Devon Golf Club can dream of birdies and eagles, safe in the knowledge the historic course will be ready for players as soon as lockdown rules are eased. 
Opened in 1902, East Devon GC is one of the finest courses in the south-west and local players are desperate to get back out there for the ultimate mental test. 
But what is it that makes golf so enthralling and frustrating at the same time? 
“A major part of golf and its addictive nature is the individual challenge you have with yourself,” said East Devon Club Captain Ray Dawson. 
“I played a lot of rugby and cricket as a youngster, before gravitating to golf, and the difference with these sports is that you are reacting to what somebody else is doing. 
“In golf, it is purely down to you as the player. Once you tee the ball up, you hit it and play the ball as it lies.  
“It provides that extra mental challenge, as well as the physical. The difference comes when you are playing in a match against somebody because good play by an opponent can put extra pressure on your game. 
“The other thing with golf, as opposed to a lot of sports, health-permitting, is you can continue playing well into your old age. 
“It means the challenge of the game stays fresh.  
“The other element is the great exercise, for both body and mind, to be out in the fresh air, especially in the good weather. 
“The existence of handicaps in golf also means you can play anybody and enjoy a good game, regardless of the differences in ability. 
“For us at East Devon Golf Club, we have the fantastic added challenge presented by the winds for a course on the cliffs.  
“The greenstaff are always working on the course, ensuring the appropriate maintenance is carried out, and we will certainly be ready for play as soon as we get the green light to reopen.  
“I suppose the frustration is that people can go out walking their dogs on the course but we can’t swing a golf club." 

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