The General visits Honiton’s local Muay Thai and Boxing club

Honiton Muay Thai

Honiton Muay Thai - Credit: Honiton Muay Thai and Boxing Club

Coach Christian Knowles and fighter Jonathan Haggerty held a two-hour seminar giving a flavour of the Muay Thai techniques practiced by this world class coach and fighter pair.  
Jon Haggerty, otherwise known as “The General’ is a 24 year-old full-time Muay Thai fighter, he has won world champion belts and competed with the best Thai fighters in the world which is a testament to his skill.  

His demonstrations using feints, elbows, and composed footwork left the students in the room eager to practice their techniques and emulate his style.  

The two hours flew by and the students left exulted in their new learned techniques from the General himself. It was a real pleasure to have Jon and Christian come to Honiton for the day. 

We are all look forward to seeing Jon “The General’ Haggerty on the global stage once again and wish him the best of luck. 

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