The Big Bank Holiday Football Quiz - How much of a football ‘know-it-all’ are you?

The 2017, 100 Football Quiz

The 2017, 100 Football Quiz - Credit: Archant

Here’s our Bank Holiday Weekend Big Football Quiz. Why not download it, print it off and have a competition amongst your footballing friends - albeit while observing social distancing rules during the pandemic-crisis times we are all living through - who will prove to be the brightest of all football followers? There are 200 points up for grabs!

Football, genric picture.

Football, genric picture. - Credit: Archant

1 At the time the Premier League was suspended name the five teams to have kept over 10 clean sheets in league games (1 point for each).

2 The 2018/19 Premier League season saw the most goals ever scored in the campaign but how many goals were scored (2 points and one for 100 either way).

3 The highest attendance for a Premier League game is a crowd of 83,222 but where was the game played and which two teams played the match (1 point for venue and 1 for each team)

4 This question is all about Premier League goal scoring records: (a) Name the player and his club who scored the first ever Premier League goal (2 points); (b) Who has scored the most goals to date in the Premier League (1 point); (c) Name the player and his club who has scored the most Premier League goals at one club (2 points).

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5 Name the oldest scorer of a Premier League goal (1 point for the player, 1 for his team and 1 for the opposition)

6 In a 20-team Premier League three players have scored against 17 of the clubs in a single season. Name them (1 point for each player and 1 point for each club)

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7 Name the five players that have scored FIVE goals in a single Premier League game (1 point for each player).

8 Name the five players who have kept the most clean sheets in the Premier League since matchday one (1 point for each correct name).

9 Name the player and his club, who has won the most Premier League winners medals and how many he has won (1 point for the player, 1 for his team and 2 if you get the correct number).

10 The two biggest single Premier League match winning margins are 9-0 and they happened 24 years apart. Name the teams involved and the years (1 point for each correct team and 1 for the year, maximum 6 points).

11 Name the manager who has won the most Premier League Manager of the Month awards in a single season (1 point for manager and 1 for his club).

12 Name the manager who has had the most promotions to the Premier League and – for an extra four points (2 for each club) – name the clubs he took up.

13 Name the manager who has managed the most clubs in the Premier League and list the seven clubs he has led in the top flight (1 point for the manager and 1 for each of the seven clubs, 8 in total).

14 Name the manager and his club who was the first ‘gaffer’ to reach 100 match wins in the Premier League (1 point for the manager, 1 for the club and, for an extra point name the number of games he managed for the 100 to be reached).

15 Who holds the record for managing a Premier League club for the fewest number of games (1 point for the manager, 1 for his club and 2 if you are correct with the number of games managed).

16 Name the only player to score 100-plus Premier goals for two different teams (1 point for the player and 2 more for each team).

17 The lowest attendance for any Premier League match was just 3,039 in 1993 when Everton visited which club (1 point for the team, 1 point for the ground).

18 Name the highest scoring foreign player in Premier League history (1 point for the player and 1 for his team).

19 Michael Owen scored goals for all five teams he played for, three are current Premier Clubs, one’s a League One club and the other is a European club. Name them. (1 point for each team).

20 Name the three teams that have, in Premier League history, suffered 29 defeats in a single season (1 point for each team).

21 In the latest Premier league season (2019/20) London has five teams, but only one playing ‘South of the River Thames’. Who (1 point).

22 Name the five goalkeepers to have scored in the Premier League era (1 point for each correct answer).

23 Name the nine managers that have been in charge of Liverpool in the Premier League era (1 point for each and a bonus point if you can say which of the nine managed the club for two different spells).

24 Name the four Premier League clubs David Moyes has managed in his career (1 point for each team).

25 Name the five managers to have managed for over 500 Premier League games in their career (1 point for each).

26 Name the four German managers to have managed Premier League clubs (1 point for each name and 1 point for their club).

27 What is the only Premier Division team with a name that starts with five consonants (1 point).

28 Name the seven Manchester United players to have been allotted the number seven shirt since the start of season 2000/01 (1 point for each correct name).

29 Name the five players to wear the number nine shirt for Chelsea since the year 2010 (1 point for each correct answer).

30 Name the current all-time top four goalscorers for Liverpool in the Premier League era (1 point for each correct name).

31 Which player scored the fastest hat-trick in the Premier League? (1 point for the player, 1 for his team and 1 for who he scored the treble against, maximum 3 points).

32 Which player, with 653 games, has made the most Premier League appearances (1 point).

33 Three players share the record for most Premier League red cards (8). Who are they? (1 point for each, maximum 3 points).

34 In a Premier League game played in 2009, Liverpool were beaten 1-0 by who in a game that saw the winning goal incorrectly awarded after being deflected off what object? (1 point for the team Liverpool lost to, 1 for the player who scored and 1 for the object that the ball hit on its way into the net, maximum 3 points).

35 Name the only player to score hat-tricks in Premier League games for three different clubs (1 point for the player, 1 for each of the three teams, maximum 4 points).

36 Craig Bellamy has scored in the Premier League for seven different clubs. How many of those clubs can you name (1 point for each, maximum 7 points).

37 The Premier League has been won by managers from five different countries outside the United Kingdom. Name the five countries and the eight managers concerned – but be careful, one of the countries provides no fewer than four of the managers (1 point for each country and 1 for each manager, maximum 13 points).

38 Name the six London clubs who played in the first Premier League season in 1992-93 (1 point for each, maximum 6 points).

39 One player in this season’s Premier League has picked up 10 yellow cards and five other players have each been given a yellow card nine times. Name all six players and their clubs (1 point per name and per club, maximum 12 points).

40 Since Clive Allen and Alex Inglethorpe were caretaker managers at Tottenham Hotspur there have been five sole managers of the club. Name them (1 point for each, maximum 5 points).

41 Name the youngest player to score a Premier League goal (1 point for his name, 1 for his club and 1 for team he scored against, maximum 3 points).

42 Only one team has gone through an entire Premier League season without losing an away game - and they have done it twice! Name the team and both the seasons. (1 point for the team and 1 point for naming each season, maximum 3 points).

43 Name the defender who holds the record for the most assists in a single Premier League season – he is currently playing in the top flight (1 point for the player).

44 Name the three clubs to have spent just a single season in the Premier Division (1 point for each team, maximum 3 points).

45 Name the two Premier League managers who have managed their clubs for longer than the four years Jurgen Klopp has been in charge of Liverpool (1 point for each manager’s name).

There are a maximum of 200 points total.

ANSWERS - award yourself the points as in the brackets at the end of each answer.

1 Liverpool 12: Burnley 11; Leicester City, Manchester City & Sheffield United 10 (5 points).

2 1,072 (2 points, 1 if within 100 either way 972-1172).

3 It was the February 10, 2018 meeting at Wembley Stadium between Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal (3).

4 (a) The first Premier League goal was scored by Brian Deane of Sheffield United against Manchester United on August 15, 1992 (2); (b) The most goals scored to date in the Premier League is the 260 netted by Alan Shearer (1); (c) The most goals scored by a single player in the Premier League for one club is the 183 goals scored by Wayne Rooney of Manchester United (2).

5 That was at 40 years and 268 days: Teddy Sheringham for West Ham United v Portsmouth on December 26, 2006 (3).

6 Ian Wright of Arsenal in 1996-97; Robin van Persie of Arsenal in 2011-12 and Mohamed Salah of Liverpool in 2017-18. (6).

7 Andy Cole for Manchester United v Ipswich Town in 1995; Alan Shearer for Newcastle United v Sheffield Wednesday in 1999; Jermain Defoe for Tottenham Hotspur v Wigan Athletic in 2019; Dimitar Berbatov for Manchester United v Blackburn Rovers in 2010 and Sergio Aguero for Manchester City v Newcastle United in 2015 (5).

8 Peter Czech 202; David James 169; Mark Schwarzer 151; David Seaman 140; Nigel Martyn 137 (4).

9 Ryan Giggs of Manchester United won 13 Premier League winners medals (4).

10 Manchester United 9 Ipswich Town 0 in March 1995 and Southampton 0 Leicester City 0 in October 2019 (6).

11 Jurgen Klopp of Liverpool who has won five awards in the current 2019-20 season (2).

12 Steve Bruce was promoted to the Premier League twice with Birmingham City and also twice with Hull City (5).

13 Sam Allardyce has managed seven clubs in the top flight; Bolton Wanderers, Newcastle United, Blackburn Rovers, West Ham United, Sunderland, Crystal Palace and Everton (8).

14 Pep Guardiola of Manchester City enjoyed 100 wins in 134 games (1 point for manager, 1 for his club and 2 for 134 = 4 points).

15 Frank de Boer managed Crystal Palace for four matches when he managed the Eagles between June 26 and September 10, 2017 (4).

16 Alan Shearer for Blackburn Rovers (1992-96) with 112 goals in 138 games and for Newcastle United (1996-2006) with 148 goals in 303 games (3).

17 Everton visited Selhurst Park to play Wimbledon (1 point for the ground, 1 for the team = 2 points).

18 Sergio Agüero with 180 goals for Manchester City. (2).

19 Michael Owen scored goals for Liverpool (118 in 216 games, 1996-2004); Real Madrid (13 goals in 36 games, 2004-05); Newcastle United (26 goals in 71 games, 2005-09); Manchester United (5 goals in 31 games, 2009-12) and Stoke City (1 goal in 8 games, 2012-13) = 5 points.

20. Ipswich Town (1994–95), Sunderland (2005–06) and Derby County (2007–08) = 3 points.

21 Crystal Palace are the only London team playing ‘South of the River Thames’ in the 2019/20 season (1).

22 Peter Schmeichel for Aston Villa at Everton, October 2001; Brad Friedel for Blackburn at Charlton, February 2004; Paul Robinson for Tottenham v Watford, March, 2007; Tim Howard for Everton v Bolton, January 2012 and Asmir Begovic for Stoke City v Southampton, November, 2013 (5).

23 The nine managers who have been in charge of Liverpool in the Premier League era are Graham Souness, Roy Evans, Gerard Houllier, Phil Thompson, Gearad Houllier, Rafael Benetiz, Roy Hodgson, Kenny Dalglish, Brendan Rogers, Jurgen Klopp. Houllier had two spells in charge. (10).

24 Everton, Sunderland, Manchester United and West Ham United (4).

25 Arsène Wenger, Alex Ferguson, Harry Redknapp, David Moyse and Sam Allardyce (5).

26 Jurgen Klopp (Liverpool) Daniel Farke (Norwich City) Jan Siewert (Huddersfield Town) and Felix Magath (Fulham) = 8 points.

27 Crystal Palace (1).

28 Alexis Sánchez (17/18-18/19), Memphis Depay (15/16-16/17), Ángel Di María (14/15), Antonio Valencia (12/13-13/14), Michael Owen (09/10-11/12), Cristiano Ronaldo (03/04- 8/09), David Beckham (95/96-02/03) = 7 points.

29 Franco Di Santo 2008-10; Fernando Torres 2011-14); Radamel Falcao 2015-16); Alvaro Morata 2017-19; Tammy Abrahams (current) = 5 points.

30 Robbie Fowler 128, Steven Gerrard 120, Michael Owen 118, Mohamed Salah 70 = 4 points.

31 Sadio Mane of Southampton scored a hat-trick in 2 minutes 56 seconds v Aston Villa in 2015 (3).

32 Gareth Berry (1).

33 The three players to each get eight red cards are Patrick Vieira, Richard Dunne and Duncan Ferguson (1 point for each = 3 points maximum).

34 Darren Bent scored for Sunderland in 2009 when the ball struck a beach ball on the pitch on the way into the goal (1 point for the player, 1 for his team and 1 for the beach ball = 3 points).

35 Nicolas Anelka is the only player to score a Premier League hat-trick for three different clubs, Chelsea, Manchester City and Arsenal (1 for his name, 1 for each club = 4 points).

36 The seven clubs that Craig Bellamy has scored Premier League goals for are Coventry City, Newcastle United, Blackburn Rovers, Liverpool, West Ham, Manchester City and Cardiff City (7).

37 The five countries are: SPAIN Pep Guardiola; ITALY Claudio Ranieri; Antonia Conte; Roberto Mancini; Carlo Ancelotti; PORTUGAL Jose Mourinho; FRANCE Arsene Wenger; CHILE Manuel Pellegrini (13).

38 The six London-based clubs in that first Premier League season were Queens Park Rangers, Tottenham Hotspur, Arsenal, Chelsea, Wimbledon and Crystal Palace (6).

39 Jorginho (Chelsea) has had 10 yellow cards and the five players with 9 yellow cards each are Lewis Dunk (Brighton); Jerrerson Lema (Bournemouth); Luka Milivojevic (Crystal Palace); Ashley Westwood (Burnley) and Callum Wilson (Bournemouth) = 1 point for player, 1 for team, 12 maximum.

40 Since Clive Allen and Alex Inglethorpe were caretaker managers at Tottenham Hotspur the lone managers in charge of Spurs have been Harry Redknapp (2009-12); Andres Villas-Boas (2012); Tim Sherwood (2013); Mauricio Pochettino (2014-19); Jose Mourinho (current) = 1 point for each, 5 maximum.

41 The youngest scorer of a Premier League goal to date is James Vaughan of Everton who was 16 years and 271 days when he scored v Crystal Palace on April 10, 2005 (1 point for the player, 1 for his club, 1 for opposition, 3 maximum).

42 Arsenal went through the entire seasons of 2001/02 and 2003/04 without losing a single away game (1 point for team, 1 for each season, 3 maximum).

43 Trent Alexander-Arnold of Liverpool had 12 assists last season (2018-19) and has 12 to his name in the currently unfinished 2019-20 campaign. (1).

44 Swindon (1993-94); Barnsley (1997-98) and Blackpool (2010-11). (3).

45 The two current Premier League managers in charge of their teams longer than the four years Jurgen Klopp has managed Liverpool are Eddie Howe of Bournemouth and Sean Dyche of Burnley, who have both managed their teams for seven years (1 point for each).

So, how did you get on: 200 points? You are a genius; 175-199 Clever clogs; 150-175 You know your football; 125-150 Not a bad effort; 100-125 Par for the course; below 100 Are you sure you know much about football?

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