Sports Quiz - How good is your general sporting knowledge?

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It’s Quiz time once again - 30 questiosn for you to consider...

Here is our latest quiz offering - the answers can be found after the 30th and final question.

1. Which country hosted the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup?

2. Who was named player of the tournament?

3. In what year did England win netball gold at the Commonwealth Games?

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4. The tennis centre that hosts the US Open is named after which former player?

5. What is the nickname for Essex County Cricket Club’s limited-overs team?

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6. Which club holds the record for most Scottish Premier League titles?

7. Which US state is home to the Vikings, Timberwolves, Wild and Twins?

8. In 2005, South African winger Tonderai Chavhanga scored six tries in a Test match against which country?

9. Who was the number one NBA draft pick in 2003?

10. How old was Michael Schumacher when he retired from Formula One in 2012?

11. Sir Stirling Moss won how many British Grands Prix?

12. Who did Moss finish second behind in the F1 drivers’ championship on three occasions, leading the Briton to describe him as “the best Formula One driver of his day”?

13. Former England goalkeeper Peter Bonetti is the second-most capped player for which Premier League side?

14. What nickname did team-mate Ron Tindall give Bonetti?

15. Who beat Doug Sanders in a play-off to win the 1970 Open Championship at St Andrews?

16. England wing Jonny May will leave Leicester Tigers for which Premiership Rugby club?

17. Who was the commentator that said: “England have won the World Cup, by the barest of margins” during the 2019 Cricket World Cup?

18. Adam Peaty is an Olympic champion in which swimming discipline?

19. Which sport is played at Citi Field?

20. Who are the reigning NHL Stanley Cup champions?

21. In which year did Australian former Formula One driver Mark Webber win the British Grand Prix?

22. Who defeated Rafael Nadal in the quarter-finals of the 2020 Australian Open?

23. Which club finished runners-up to Manchester City in the 2019 Premier League?

24. In doing so, what record did they break?

25. Which club did former English rugby player Jonny Wilkinson begin his career with?

26. In 2008, Wilkinson became the highest international points-scorer. Who did he overtake?

27. How many NBA championships has Kevin Durant won?

28. Which US golf course hosts The Masters?

29. How many Masters titles has Tiger Woods won?

30. In which year did he win his first?

Answers: 1. France; 2. Megan Rapinoe; 3. 2018 4. Billie Jean King; 5. Essex Eagles; 6. Rangers (54); 7. Minnestoa 8. Uruguay; 9. LeBron James; 10. 43; 11. Two; 12. Juan Manuel Fangio; 13. Chelsea; 14. The Cat; 15. Jack Nicklaus; 16. Gloucester; 17. Ian Smith; 18. Breastroke; 19. Baseball; 20. St Louis Blues; 21. 2012; 22. Dominic Thiem; 23. Liverpool; 24. Highest points total for a second-placed team (97); 25. Newcastle Falcons; 26. Neil Jenkins; 27. Two; 28. Augusta National Golf Club; 29. Five; 30. 1997.

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