Phear Park take the spoils in Axon Cup

Phear Park win the Axon Cup

Phear Park win the Axon Cup - Credit: Mike Killoran

The bowling week for Phear Park started with an away trip to Paignton and a delightful club on the South Devon coast.  

As I’m sure you are all aware, the weather has been changeable and Tuesday was no different. We played a friendly fixture on five rinks, which Phear Park won with an excellent score of 91 - 66. Fortunately, the day stayed fine but the threat of rain was ever present. 
Thursday saw a slightly different match with two teams playing home and away simultaneously. One team of four went to Honiton, whilst the second team stayed at home in the Foxlands Cup. Sadly, the team in Honition were narrowly beaten and, although the home team were victorious, we were unable to achieve an overall victory. Star of the show at home was Simon Weclawek, who played skip and kept us in the game on several occasions. 

Finally, we played another competition on Saturday, the Axon Cup. This involves six teams coming from other clubs around Exeter and East Devon. 

Six teams from Phear Park then match the visitors to play a series of five games each comprising of four ends. The difficulty is that each of these games are played on different rinks and the winner is the team with the best overall points difference.  

This year, the runners-up came from Heavitree with a score of plus 17 but the overall winners were a Phear Park Team scoring plus 18. The players were Shirley Parker, Rick Tatchell and John Dill. Shirley was a guest player from Heavitree, playing in place of our Club Captain Margo Allen and, as luck would have it, she beat her husband, who was in the runner-up team from Heavitree. 

Our picture shows the winning team being presented with the cup by our President Liz Nelson and a fabulous performance from Phear Park.  

Exmouth is an ideal centre for a bowling tour holiday, so if your bowling club is thinking of touring Devon, then why not put Phear Park Bowling Club on your itinerary.