Phear Park beat the power of Exonia

John Horne in the Sun waiting to play Hatherleigh

John Horne in the Sun waiting to play Hatherleigh - Credit: Phear Park BC

Phear Park entertained Exonia with four teams and this fixture can change dramatically depending on who chooses to play, due to the number and ability of some Exonia players. 

Luckily, we managed to secure a win with the scores being 70 to Phear Park 60 to Exonia.  

On Saturday, our players travelled to Chudleigh where we lost overall with a score of 74 to Phear Park 91 to Chudleigh. The best team on the day from Phear Park was John Horne, Rick Tatchell and John Robins.  

Finally for a great week of bowls, Hatherleigh came to Phear Park on Sunday, the club was struggling to make up the numbers, so we lended them two subs and eventually managed to run out with a win of 61 to Phear Park and 49 to Hatherleigh. Again, the best team on the day were Nigel Oates, Heather Salter and Rick Tatchell