Happy pre-season environment awaiting Exmouth Town

In limbo - Exmouth Town boss Kevin Hill

In limbo - Exmouth Town boss Kevin Hill - Credit: Archant

Managers up and down the country, at every level, will already be thinking about pre-season and what it will mean for their football club. 
Exmouth Town boss Kevin Hill has experienced many pre-season campaigns as a player and coach, with a key emphasis placed on team harmony and an inspirational environment for players to perform. 
Town have been working on a schedule friendly fixtures for the summer period, as they prepare for what will hopefully be a full campaign in the Toolstation Western League. 
“There is always a possibility of fixtures changing in pre-season but I’m working on things all the time,” said Hill. “I’ve been sat at home, thinking about schedules and plans for the players. 
“The modern footballer knows how to look after themselves and you’ve got to trust them in the summer because, if a player comes back out of shape, they don’t get in the side. 
“I’ve always got people contacting me who want to try out for the team and I never mind giving new players a chance because you might find a gem. 
“The thing I enjoy is ensuring everything is right for the players; sorting new kits, making sure the changing rooms are spotless and taking pride in the football club. 
“When things look new and clean, players have a smile on their faces and that is crucial when developing team spirit. 
“I want players to look forward to a match-day because that makes them perform to the best of their ability. 
“If we make it a good atmosphere, the team will succeed. It is when football becomes a chore or somebody doesn’t want to be there that you have issues. 
“I’m very big on the dressing room spirit, everybody should get on. Teams will always have a little spat but we can’t have anyone being disruptive. 
“Football is a team game and the atmosphere around the club is so important. If we win, lose, or draw, I only ask for full commitment from the players.” 
The pre-season plan for Town should see them return to training toward the end of June and fixtures starting in July.  

Great environment through Exmouth Town

Great environment through Exmouth Town - Credit: ETFC

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