Is the current Toolstation Western League season set to be abandoned?


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The Toolstation Western League has been asked to participate in a Webex meeting today (Tuesday, March 24) with all step 5/6 leagues and the Football Association (FA).

The FA have asked the Western League for their position as regards the current season and the league has forwarded to the FA their response.

The Western League has advised clubs that while they see their response as the only way to conclude the current season, this will not necessarily be the final outcome from the Tuesday meeting.

The Toolstation Western League message to their member clubs:

Like many leagues around the country since matches were suspended the board of the Western League has discussed various options for the conclusion of the season. I am sure you have had similar discussions.

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There are a range of possibilities and whichever one is finally decided upon, it is inevitable that some clubs and possibly leagues will be disappointed by the final decision. The view of the Western League is that the current season should be abandoned and that no promotion or relegation take place. In effect making the 2019/20 season void. The 20/21 season should then commence (hopefully on time) with a league constitution exactly as they were for the start of the current season.

We see a problem with drawing a line under the season and then promoting and relegating clubs on a points per game basis. Clubs placed just below the promotion places could rightly argue that with so many games still left to play, they would have a realistic chance of promotion. Equally, clubs in a relegation position could argue that they could overhaul clubs above them with so many matches still to be played. There would also be an issue with trying to hold play-off matches at a yet undetermined time in readiness for the 2020/21 season.

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The RFU have already brought the 2019/20 rugby season to an end below Premiership level and have announced that a task force will meet to determine how the final tables should be decided.

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