Getting off the couch to meet a running challenge

Couch to 5k programme

Couch to 5k programme - Credit: Budleigh Runners

The fabulous Budleigh Runners have started their couch to 5K programme.  

With 15 people signed up for the nine-week course, a large number of these did their first run last week. The aim at the end of the programme is to run a 5K comfortably at your own pace and, most of all, enjoy yourself whilst exercising. 
It is hoped that each person runs three times a week, twice with club leaders and then once on their own. The distance in the early stages is not important and is a mixture of running and walking to get everyone used to gentle exercise. 

Club chair Debbie Newson said: “We are thrilled at the response and hope everyone reaches their goal. We will be there for them every step of the journey.” 

It’s suitable for all ages and abilities and fits in with the Budleigh Runners ethos of ‘A pace for everyone’. 

Everyone was still smiling at the end.