Friday Quiz - 30 sporting questions - how will you do?

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Here’s a Friday quiz for all those sporting folk who are looking for thinsg to do while in lockdown.

We have 20 questions in total and the answers are ar the foot of the page.

Good luck and, if you enjoyed this one look out for our next offering which will be in seven days time.

1. Who was the last American to be crowned Open champion?

2. Which horse won the Grand National in 1992 with a name apt given the UK was in the middle of a General Election campaign?

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3. What was Floyd Mayweather Jr’s nickname before ‘Money’?

4. Two sides have won the Super Bowl six times. The Pittsburgh Steelers are one, who are the other?

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5. How many teams are in the NBA?

6. Which player scored the most runs out of either side in the 2005 Ashes? a) Kevin Pietersen b) Ricky Ponting c) Marcus Trescothick

7. Which Formula 1 driver won the title in 2005, halting Michael Schumacher’s dominance of the sport?

8. Who was the last Australian to win the men’s singles at Wimbledon?

9. How many gold medals did Team GB win on Super Saturday at the 2012 Olympics?

10. Name one of the three sides who inflicted a league defeat on Manchester United during their 1999 treble winning season.

11. How many players have won the Rugby Union World Cup twice? a) 14 b) 21 c) 28

12. And which countries have won the Webb Ellis Cup multiple times?

13. Which Australian golfer blew a six-shot lead in the final round of the 1996 Masters?

14. Which side is higher in the football pyramid: Oxford United or Cambridge United?

15. What was notable about Lella Lombardi’s sixth-placed finish in the 1975 Formula 1 Spanish Grand Prix?

16. Who is the reigning Olympic men’s golf champion?

17. In which Test-playing country would you find the Sher-e-Bangla Cricket Stadium?

18. By which scoreline did Wales beat Belgium in Euro 2016?

19. Who is head coach of the Australian men’s cricket team?

20. What is the radius of the three-point line in the NBA? a) 23 ft 9 in b) 24 ft 9 in c) 25 ft 9 in

21. Which former Argentina footballer’s name is an anagram of “an adored amigo”?

22. How many countries are full members of the ICC?

23. Which footballer has scored the most goals for Sweden?

24. What does TT stand for in the motorcycle event the Isle of Man TT?

25. Name two of the four cyclists to have won the Tour de France five times.

26. How high is the crossbar in rugby union? a) 2.75m b) 3m c) 3.25m

27. Which former England defender started his club career at Wealdstone and had stints at Nottingham Forest, West Ham and Newcastle?

28. Who was the first unseeded player to win the men’s singles title at Wimbledon, defeating Kevin Curren in the final?

29. In which sport does the goal measure 180cm by 120cm?

30. In NFL, what position is known as RB?

Answers: 1. Jordan Spieth; 2. Party Politics; 3. Pretty Boy; 4. New England Patriots; 5. 30; 6. a; 7. Fernando Alonso; 8. Lleyton Hewitt; 9. Six; 10. Arsenal, Middlesbrough or Sheffield Wednesday; 11. b; 12. Australia, New Zealand and South Africa; 13. Greg Norman; 14. Oxford; 15. She was the first woman to score Championship points in F1; 16. Justin Rose; 17. Bangladesh; 18. 3-1; 19. Justin Langer; 20. a; 21. Diego Maradona; 22. 12; 23. Zlatan Ibrahimovic; 24. Tourist Trophy; 25. Jacques Anquetil, Eddy Merckx, Bernard Hinault, Miguel Indurain; 26.b ; 27. Stuart Pearce; 28. Boris Becker; 29. Ice hockey; 30. Running back.

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