Fantastic fight night return for local boxing

Bright future at Exmouth ABC

Bright future at Exmouth ABC - Credit: Exmouth ABC

Exmouth Amateur Boxing Club has hosted their first multi-fight event since before the Covid crisis and it was a spectacular success.  

Inside a packed Ocean Arena, boxing supporters were able to enjoy a total of 16 bouts and some cracking contests, reigniting the enthusiasm and passion for a sport that suffered greatly during the pandemic.  

“It was a very good evening and a full arena of supporters,” said Phil Weeks from Exmouth ABC. “All the tables were sold to businesses sponsoring the event and maximum capacity for those standing as well. 

“We had 16 bouts on the night, all very competitive and very evenly-matched, so a brilliant night. The energy inside the building was electric and everyone was very supportive of the boxers. 

“We had bouts involving children as young as 12 and all the way up to those in their late-30s. The amount of support and recognition for those getting into the ring and showing their skills was fantastic. 

“It was all very positive, a terrific sporting atmosphere. You sometimes get booing at this type of event, as people are obviously rooting for their boxer, but there was none of that. 

“This was one of the first events in the UK bringing back amateur boxing and the night went perfectly well. We’ve got another show coming up in April, dates to be confirmed, but it will be even bigger and better. 

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“Our focus between now and then is to get more people to join the club, using the sport as an avenue to get more fit and healthy.” 

As well as a wonderful evening to celebrate amateur boxing and sample future talent, Exmouth ABC also took the opportunity to pay tribute to a genuine club legend in Fred Hodge. 

“It was great for us to recognise the amazing contribution of Fred to the club,” added Weeks. “He is currently our treasurer but he started boxing for Exmouth Amateur Boxing Club in 1957. His first fight was in 1958 and his last in 1979. 

“Fred has been part of the club for over 60 years and still making a difference to this day.”  

Exmouth ABC event

Exmouth ABC event - Credit: Exmouth ABC

Recognition for Fred Hodge

Recognition for Fred Hodge - Credit: Exmouth ABC

The return of boxing

The return of boxing - Credit: Exmouth ABC

Young boxers in the ring

Young boxers in the ring - Credit: Exmouth ABC

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