Exmouth Town waiting for cancellation call

Exmouth Town striker Jordan Harris in the thick of the action during the FA Cup home defeat to Melks

Exmouth Town striker Jordan Harris in the thick of the action during the FA Cup home defeat to Melksham Town. Picture: GERRY HUNT - Credit: Archant

While there seems virtually no chance that the Toolstation Western League season will be completed this year, Exmouth Town still remain in a football limbo. 
The FA are in discussions with all leagues below the professional game but the future of the Western League probably hinges on decisions being made at the National League level. 
If leagues further up the pyramid decide to void their season, the knock-on impact will ripple down to Exmouth, who could be given a choice on whether to cancel or roll-on this season in August. 
“We’ve not had any direction as yet, still waiting to hear,” said Exmouth Town boss Kevin Hill. “I know suggestions have been put to the FA but we can’t do anything.  
“The lads are keeping themselves fit, going out on runs and trying to stay sharp, just in case we are asked to go back into competitive football. 
“Young lads generally want to stay fit regardless and I will always know those that have done the right things, and those that haven’t. It doesn’t take long to work that out once we get back to training and playing. 
“It is extremely unlikely but nobody knows what is going to happen. 
“For our League, we are waiting on decisions further up the pyramid, particularly in the National League.  
“If there is going to be no promotion or relegation in the Western League, a lot of clubs will say there is not much point in trying to finish.  
“I think the season will be cancelled but, until that decision is confirmed, we can’t really make any plans. 
“The season will have to either be voided or they could roll on this season to resume in August, which would give us a much better chance of completing that campaign. 
“It would provide plenty of scope for cancellations, due to bad weather or more problems with Covid. It reduces the midweek away fixtures and a better chance of completing the season. 
“The flipside to this option is that clubs that have suffered a bad start to this season will not want to carry on from where they are at the moment."  

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