Exmouth Town supporters working on lockdown projects

Supporters improving access at Exmouth Town

Supporters improving access at Exmouth Town - Credit: ETSC

In a time of great uncertainty for local football, the amazing contribution made by volunteers continues to amaze and hearten. 
During the past nine months, the Exmouth Town supporters club have been working on the new turnstile project, which will provide a superb new entrance to the ground for supporters on a match-day. 
With the help of dedicated supporters and some fantastic business partnerships, the project is nearly completed.  
An integral element to this initiative has been the installation of dedicated disabled (wheelchair) access for all of the valued supporters at Southern Road.  
As well as the turnstile project, the volunteers have also re-laid paths inside and outside the ground to ensure better access for visitors to the grounds, not just on match-days but for other events hosted Exmouth Town, which helps to provide a valuable additional income for the club.  
This has been one of many projects undertaken and funded by the Supporters Club in the last year, leading on to the next project, where Town are on the look out for some additional community input, if possible. 
The car park at Southern Road is not the best and hasn’t been resurfaced for such a long time that it is now in desperate need of some TLC. The Supporters Club is now looking to make this a safe, even area for disabled parking, so wheelchair users can access the new entrance safely.  
As such, the club has put out an appeal to find any business that could give help provide some practical help, whether it is in the form of advice, equipment or a funding contribution to do the job. As a group, these wonderful volunteers are happy to then get stuck in with the hard graft to complete an important project.  
Anyone wishing to get involved with this project, please contact Martin Cook on behalf of the ETSC at cook209@hotmail.com or on 07599 346689. 
Away from Southern Road, the Western League remains in a position of limbo, although clubs have been offered the chance to apply for a Winter Survival Fund by visiting the league website. 

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