Exmouth Town players set to return in two weeks

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Exmouth Town players will return to pre-season on Wednesday, June 27, and those reporting for the hard graft at the start of a new campaign will not be able to avoid the ‘new broom of positivity’ that is sweeping through Southern Road since the announcement of a new chairman and the return of Kevin Hill to manage the side.

Town chairman Stuart Shaw has been further energised with the response to the capture of Kevin Hill to lead the team into the coming season.

He says: “I knew getting Kevin was a key move, but I have been really pleased with the response from all quarters to the move.

“The players are back in a couple of weeks and I am hoping they will find that things are moving at a pace off the pitch to ensure that we, as a club, move forward as one.”

Town are set to play a number of pre-season games and they have already booked in a visit to Tiverton Town and also a home meeting with Bridgwater Town.

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One thing that the new chairman has been quick to help drive is the formation of a Town third team and the Town thirds will play in next season’s Devon and Exeter League.

Shaw says: “We feel the advent of a third team will help in terms of the wider wellbeing of the club.

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“We have our second team playing in the Devon and Exeter League top flight and, by setting up a third team, are going to be able to keep those young youth team players who outgrow their age group football and want to keep playing and we certainly do not want to lose that sort of youngster who has come through ranks and wants to keep playing for a Town side.”

The Town chairman is also keen to recruit new folk from in and around the town to get involved, and says: “I don’t doubt that new folk are always moving into the area and if there are those coming in who would like to get involved with us at Town then I’d love to have a conversation with them.

“We already have some terrific folk at the club on what I am calling our committee board, but there’s always room for new folk who are as passionate as I am about running a football club that works with the local community in all areas.”

With it being the World Cup launch this week, who does the Town chairman suggest might be lifting the famous trophy on Sunday, July 15.

He says: “For me, the winners will come from one of four – France, Brazil, West Germany or England.”

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