Exmouth rugby volunteers sharing life experiences

Exmouth 2nd XV in a huddle at the end of their game at Tiverton. Picture: EXMOUTH RFC

Exmouth 2nd XV in a huddle at the end of their game at Tiverton. Picture: EXMOUTH RFC - Credit: Archant

The key component for any local sports organisation is a thriving hub of volunteers making everything tick behind the scenes. 
Exmouth Rugby Club are dependent on the support of volunteers in developing a vibrant sports club for a range of age groups. 
The motivation of volunteers is a desire to see others, particularly the younger generation, enjoying those wonderful life experiences that sport can provide. 
“We are entirely volunteer-run at Exmouth Rugby Club, from the Board of Directors to everyone working at the club,” said chairman Ian Harris. 
“All local sports clubs are reliant on volunteers and their contribution is the only reason clubs can keep going. 
“On the pitch, from the juniors through to adults, we have coaches and administrative support for every team, especially with the Covid situation, which has given us a lot more to manage. 
“It’s no longer a case of just turning up for training. We have all the surrounding guidelines to be managed through volunteers. 
“The days are gone for a coach to just turn up and teach people rugby, football, hockey, whatever sport it might be.  
“Volunteers are paramount to the survival of local sport and their roles have expanded dramatically during the Covid crisis. 
“The motivation for a volunteer cannot be put under one heading, we all help out for different reasons. 
“For myself, when I gave up playing rugby and took up coaching the Under-9s, it was because my sons wanted to play a sport. 
“The overall feeling is to help children have fun, sample life experiences and enjoy the game of rugby. 
“As a volunteer and an ex-player, I want to pass on life experiences and the most exciting thing for me is to see younger players coming back to the club. 
“It might be to come back for a beer, come back to play, they might have played University rugby or Services rugby. 
“The life experiences you can pass on as a volunteer is what makes it all worthwhile. 
“It is the icing on the cake to see youngsters coming through the club and taking pleasure from the sport.” 

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