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Exmouth Amatuer Boxing Club

Exmouth Amatuer Boxing Club - Credit: Exmouth Amatuer Boxing Club

Boxing has suffered more than most sports through a turbulent 2020, so it was very refreshing to come across an upbeat message of hope from Exmouth Amateur Boxing Club. 
In their Christmas newsletter, the Club travelled back to the start of 2020, when grand plans were in place for a year of development and progress. 
Way back in January and February, the gym was busy and thriving, with members throwing their weight behind every single session. 
Expansion plans were being put in place before the Covid crisis struck, forcing the closure of their training facility. 
There was, however, no thoughts of feeling sorry for themselves at Exmouth Boxing Club, as they took the chance to refurbish the club and invest in new equipment. 
The summer provided some hope of a return to boxing and members took their training sessions to the safety of an outdoor environment. 
St Johns Playing Fields was the preferred venue and the boxers were often joined by players from Withycombe Rugby Club. 
The gym was briefly allowed to reopen, in accordance with Government guidelines, and the Exmouth team implemented a rigorous structure of sanitising equipment, applying strict social distancing rules and limiting numbers at any one time. 
Boxing, of course, is a contact sport and that has obviously not been a feasible option in 2020 but the Exmouth Club’s newsletter gives hope that members will soon be able to ‘Redeem the Ring’. 
The gym will open on a preliminary basis of two nights per week from January 4 and coach availability will be regularly communicated. They are even introducing a club shop to purchase all the essentials for boxing. 
The club also had some welcome news that they had been successful in their application for the Co-op Local Community Fund. 
There are even plans in place to decorate the main wall at the club, with over 52 local artists applying for the opportunity to being some added colour to the building. 
Redeem the Ring is a message of positivity, enthusiasm and passion for the sport. 
If you ever need cheering up and hope for local sport, pay a visit to the Exmouth Amateur Boxing Club Facebook page. 

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