East Devon Youth League wants to ‘get the games on’

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The East Devon Youth League is encouraging clubs to fulfil as many of their remaining games as they can, even though there is no league this season due to the Covid-19 pandemic, writes Conrad Sutcliffe.

The competition is unique in Devon in not compiling league tables and having open-age cricket on Sundays as part of its programme.

Dick Holifield, the league chairman who pushed through a less competitive structure during the last close season said the new format should make it easier for clubs to play games.

“I take the view after all the reforms went through to get the game on we are in a good position to get through the next two to three months, or however long we can play for,” said Holifield.

“Something else we did was extend the season to the end of August in line with adult cricket, rather than cutting it off in July. That means fixtures are already in place of clubs want to play them.

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“With open-age group cricket on Sunday, largely but not exclusively aimed at under-19s, we are in a good position.”

Holifield said although he cannot speak for all the clubs in the league, he has been pleased with developments at Exeter, where he and his own children play.

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“We have been training and playing and have had a game against Kenn already,” said Holifield.

“Numbers are good and when the girls trained last week there were 26 of them.”

Although some games are in place, Holifield said support is available from the league to fill gaps in the fixture list.”

“We hope clubs already have a template to start with, but if they need help with match making they should get in touch with Sheila Harding, who is running our fixture bureau,” said Holifield.

Sheila can be contacted be emailing sheila@courtfield4.co.uk

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