East Devon Stableford success for Andy Pelosi

PUBLISHED: 14:56 20 February 2018

Golf club and ball

Golf club and ball


There have been two qualifying competitions played at East Devon over the past week, writes Paul Willoughby.

There was the Stableford qualifier on Saturday, February 10, and the monthly Stableford on February 17.

What they both have in common is that the weather or conditions must have been rubbish as the Standard Scratch for the first was 74 and the second, 73. Whoops! I seem to have dropped myself into the need to describe how the Standard Scratch system works. Well, it’s like this ‘ere, see?

Most average 18-hole golf courses have a par of 70 – that means that a scratch player (one with a zero handicap) should be able to complete the course taking exactly 70 strokes.

However, in really challenging conditions, the R&A rules allow the club committee (now the club committee) to extend that figure upwards if, once the competition has finished and the cards are checked, a large portion of players have shown that the weather has taken the upper hand and their scores are correspondingly low. OK so far?

Therefore, after the rubbish conditions we had over the past two Saturdays, the computer calculated that a scratch golfer would take 74 and 73 strokes respectively to play to his handicap. For the golfing mortals (ie most of us) that means that par is effectively four or three strokes higher than usual and we don’t get penalised with an increase in handicap when the conditions are at their worst.

I hope I’ve got that explanation right; if I haven’t then I’m sure someone will tell me! Furthermore, although these were qualifying competitions, the conditions were bad enough to warrant handicap reductions only. I’m a fair- weather golfer and my handicap doesn’t alter at all if I stay in bed!

The results of the competition on February 10, were as follows:-

Division 1: 1, Andy Pelosi, 35 points from a handicap of six; 2, Martin Hyde, 35 (9); 3, Chris Bird, 35 (10); 4, David Blick, 35 (handicap of minus three – don’t ask, but rest assured that’s very good!). Division 2: 1, Richard Tate, 31(12); 2, Alex Hall, 31 (11); 3, Colin Thomas, 31 (14); 4. Eric Biddulph, 31 (13). Division 3: 1, Bill Coles, 34 (15): 2, Ken Vine, 34 (16); 3, Thomas Peters, 34 (17).

There were only four twos sharing a pot of £152 – Andy Pelosi scored two of them (you do the maths!) on the 10th and 13th.

Excellent play, Andy, and a good reward.

The results of the competition on February 17, were as follows:-

Division 1: 1, Jason Rowbotham, 37 (5); 2, Jevon Astley-Jones, 37 (6); 3, Will Hendry, 36 (8); 4, Glenn Tucker, 35 (6). Division 2: 1, David Standley, 35 (12); 2, Mark Anderson, 35 (12); 3, Erik Nielson, 32 (13)

Division 3: 1, Kelly Hughes, 35 (20); 2, John Mackie, 33 (18); 3, Roger Chappell, 31 (15) and, just because I can.. 4, David Pagett, also 31 (15). There were seven twos sharing a pot of £184; David Standley and Roger Chappell both scored two of them; well done - that should keep the mortgage paid for the next few days!

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