East Devon senior success for Keith Glover

East Devon golf club. Ref exsp 25 17TI 5423. Picture: Terry Ife

East Devon golf club. Ref exsp 25 17TI 5423. Picture: Terry Ife - Credit: Archant

The Seniors at East Devon played a qualifying Stableford on the first Monday of November, writes Paul Willoughby.

There may be one further qualifying round this year, but if there isn’t then your handicap will stay as it is now into the New Year – unless of course you’re brave enough (and good enough) to gain a reduction in the Saturday (white tee) competitions.

However, although I said in last week’s article, “..there’s a lot to be said for winter golf..” (and there is) I will just add this caveat; not in windy and wet conditions.

That said, there are still some who are prepared to brave the elements and play, weather regardless, but I do question why they do; I think it is probably to get out of some household chore or to avoid having to collect an aged aunt (on their wife’s side) from the station prior to her pre-Christmas holiday with them.

In other words there has to be a jolly good reason to play winter golf in rubbishy weather. So, as a non golfer, when you’re walking the beautiful cliff path, look around and see if you can recognise a washing-up escapee or aunt-avoider!

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Just a couple of quickies before I come to the all important results; Justin Rose turned professional in 1998 immediately after his success as an amateur and a lot of us thought that was mistake.

Well, he is now the World number One (Tiger Woods is currently 13th) and has earned $20m in the last year! The mistake appears to be ours rather than his!

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Whereas the swallows and swifts have migrated to sub Saharan Africa, the avocets have returned to the Exe and Otter estuaries from northern and colder climes; they think we’re warm!

But why, I hear you ask, is this nitwit mentioning birds when this is meant to be a golf related article?

Well, that’s because I know something you don’t; the swallows and swifts are even now laughing at the misfortunes of the East Devon golfers over the past summer (three putting and shanked drives!), but the avocets are their winter counterparts. As they fly between the two estuaries they are watching us and sending reports back to avocet golf HQ.

So, if you see one flying overhead, make sure you don’t three putt or shank your drive or your antics will appear in the Avocet Baltic Times – a very influential publication!

I was getting carried away (and not for the first time, I hear you say!) so here are the results.

The winner by a clear two points was Keith Glover with 40 points from a handicap of 23 now 21. Well done, Keith – you are officially exempt from writing to Father Christmas!

Second with 38 points was David Cole – sorry, David, you will still have to write the letter!

Third was Trevor Huxtable with 37 points as were John Connolly (4) and John Thatcher (5).

Last in the mentions and sixth overall was Ray Sturman with 36 points. As I haven’t mentioned you before, Ray, well done!

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