East Devon November medal joy for Martin Hyde

East Devon golf club. Ref exsp 25 17TI 5423. Picture: Terry Ife

East Devon golf club. Ref exsp 25 17TI 5423. Picture: Terry Ife - Credit: Archant

The November medal was played at East Devon on the first Saturday of November, writes Paul Willoughby.

This is a white tee job making the course a full 6,206 yards. Gone are the drives from the summer when the ball sailed into the distance, bounced even further and gave the golfer the impression he was not just the bee’s knees, but a likely contender for The Open. Oh no. Now we’re back to earth, literally in some cases where the ball hits the now wet fairway and, if you’re lucky dribbles a further few yards.

Whereas in the summer a pitching wedge might have been your next chosen club, now it’s seven iron.

But never mind, Christmas is within sight and we all know what joy that brings – who said, ‘OMG?’ Forget the aunt you have to invite for Christmas lunch and the Brussell sprouts and potatoes you have to peel and instead think of something happy like a new set of clubs or a new golf bag.

But if you are hoping for either of those you must get your letter to Santa delivered fairly smartish – I have it on good authority that the jovial white bearded old present-giver has had a run on golf club shafts and is considering using some old second hand hickory (or even plastic) ones, having, in the latter, rubbed off the logo, ‘Made in China’. So get in quick.

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If you need his address, let me know, but I usually find that c/o Trevor Underwood at East Devon Golf Club, does the trick! I had a very useful prize once which fell out of a Christmas cracker – half a dozen golf tees, colour green and could I find them after I’d taken my shot? No chance; made in China, of course!

However there’s a lot to be said for winter golf, especially at East Devon; the trees are still a wonderful colour, the views are still to die for and we all know it won’t be long before the Christmas ‘thank you’ letters have been written and there’s spring in the air. This optimistic outlook was clearly in the minds of Saturday’s leading scorers and the results in the divisions were as follows:-

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Division 1: 1, Martin Hyde, net 75 from a handicap of eight. Very well, done; 2, Bob Martin, 76 (4); 3, Bruce Chapman, also 76 (4) but third on countback

Division 2: 1, Mike Brailey, (What? Him again?) 75 (12); 2, David Fish, 77 (9); 3, John May, 78 (9)

Division 3: 1, Adrian Woolacott, 74 (16); 2, Alex Bannon, 76 (18); 3, Eric Biddulph, 77 (14)

There were only five twos due to the windy weather, but they shared a pot of £158 or £31 each. That might buy them a few balls to go with their new Christmas clubs!

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