East Devon Greensome Stableford success for Barry Devetta and Mike Brailey

PUBLISHED: 17:01 24 October 2018 | UPDATED: 17:01 24 October 2018

A parasol mushroom.

A parasol mushroom.


Two for the price of one this week – ‘buy one get one free, or BOGOF! The East Devon seniors played a Greensome Stableford on Monday and that followed by the October Stableford on Saturday, writes Paul Willoughby

The object of golf is to hit a small (usually) white dimpled ball from tee to green and sink the putt in as few strokes as possible but there are umpteen different scoring formats.

You have strokeplay (medal) where every shot counts – professional championships (The Masters, Open etc) use this format.

Then there’s Stableford where the scoring allows you to recover after a mini disaster.

That’s followed by Greensome Stableford – played in pairs, both players drive, the better drive is then played by the golfer who didn’t hit it and alternate shots are then taken till the ball is holed. Got it?

There are even variations of Greensome – Scotch Foursomes, Canadian Foursomes and Modified Pinehurst not forgetting Colaton Raleigh Foursomes with a hint of Budleigh! Whatever the format the object is still the same – hitting the ball and sinking the putt in as few strokes as possible..

This is the season for mushrooms and toadstools and there are plenty of them to be seen on the course. The best of the lot (in my opinion), and probably the biggest is the Parasol Mushroom – Lepiota Procera. Their umbrella can grow to nine inches across – quite stunning. However there are still some plonkers (described in the dictionary as dope, idiot, moron, wally, pillock, dunderhead, dimwit – don’t you just love it?) who kick them over – why do they do that? My book says the Parasols are edible but don’t risk it unless you are absolutely sure – eating the wrong type of mushroom could guarantee you would three putt!

The Seniors’ Greensome was won by Barry Devetta and Mike Brailey with an excellent score of 42 points. Well done, you two. Close on their heels were John Pulman and Ray Sturman with 40 points, followed by three pairs on 39 – John Jago and Trevor Huxtable, Bill Wentworth and Rob Barnes and Bill Coles and Charlie Stafford.

The results of the October medal are as follows:-

Division 1: 1, Robert Barnes, 39 from a handicap of 8, now 7; 2, Jason Rowbotham, 38 (5); 3, Leigh Jones, 37 (2); 4, Max Handford, 36 (7); 5, Martin Hyde, 36 (8)

Mention should be made of Tom Peters who seems to lower his handicap every time he plays. This week he scored 36 from a handicap of eight, now seven. Well done, Tom.

Division 2: 1, Martin Wisdom, 40 (14 now 12); 2, Richard Price-Hughes, 38 (10 now 9); 3, Alan Dewhurst, 36 (13); 4, Rob Wilderspin, 36 (14); 5, Martyn Hailstone, 35 (14)

Division 3: 1, Phil Keen, 36 (19); Brian Welch, 34 (18); 3, Alan Hemsworth, 33 (28); 4, John Mackie, 33 (18); 5, Alex Bannon, also 33 (18).

There were 13 twos, but only 12 entered the sweep and received a pre-Christmas present of £17.66 each.

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