Budleigh Bowls Club partners with the u3a scheme

The round robin winners

The round robin winners - Credit: Christine Chittock

Budleigh Bowls Club held their annual u3a Outdoor Bowls Competition, as 36 u3a bowlers played a Round Robin Competition in teams of fours.  

The overall Winners were the team of Sue Davies, John Robson, David West and Jane Woodward, with a score of 21 shots. 

The Bowls Club have been working with the Exmouth branch of u3a from immediately prior to the outbreak of Covid, and each week up to 40 u3a bowlers come to Budleigh to play a friendly game. At the outset, most of the bowlers were complete novices to the sport and several have become members of the Club. 

U3a is a national charity, and the Exmouth branch is one of the largest branches in the UK with around 1,000 members.  

Tony Mackness, Captain at Budleigh Bowls Club, said: “It is pleasure to be working with Exmouth u3a and to watch the progress and enthusiasm of so many newcomers to the sport.”  

For more information contact chairperson@exmouthu3a.org.uk