Madeira Bowling Club has witnessed a streak of victories, triumphing in multiple competitive matches throughout the week.

On an exhilarating afternoon match, Mackintosh BC from Cardiff and Madeira battled it out on the bowling green.

With four rinks and two triples contributing a vibrant team play, Madeira emerged victorious with a close call, securing 101 shots against Mackintosh's 96.

The splendid performance of Graham Cottey, Adrian Bovey, and Jude Latta ensured a top score by Madeira against the visiting team's 15 shots.

The winning momentum continued for Madeira on July 1 when the home side overpowered the triples from Chagford BC.

The Chagford team had difficulty handling the fast green and cross wind, losing by a substantial margin of 94 shots to 36.

The credit for the leading score goes to Jenny Smith, Alan Porter, and Danny Doran, who secured a stunning 20-shot win.

On July 2, Seaton BC, having previously beaten Madeira on their home turf, hoped to repeat their win.

Their hopes were dashed as Madeira demonstrated their bowling prowess by a landslide victory of 78 shots to 42.

The triple consisting of Chris Trayler, Myra Furminger, and Vic Doidge stole the limelight with a staggering 28-shot win.

The Madeira ladies, not to be left out, have been shining in Division 3 of the Exeter & District Ladies Triples League.

With two games in hand and standing victorious in three, they have secured the top position in the league as of July 3.

Unfortunately, the Captain's Day celebration on July 5 was hampered by inclement summer weather.

Halfway through the triples match, the play was suspended due to rain.

Notwithstanding the abrupt end, Lin Halpin, Jude Latta, and Chris Fox were recognised for their top score at the time of cancellation, bolstering Madeira Bowling Club's impressive record.