In the nail-biting Exeter and District Over 60s Triples League, Budleigh Otters bagged a much-anticipated victory against Exeter St Thomas.

Using their home advantage in the match, the Otters saw a gruelling face-off that brought both teams to an equal standing after three ends.

Things took a turn when the host team amassed seven shots on the fourth end, taking a firm 9-2 lead.

St Thomas tried hard to get back into the game but the home team stayed strong and ran out 20-12 winners.

The aggregate score between both triples teams proved decisive, with the Otters maintaining a distinct edge despite a temporary setback in the eleventh end.

Walking into the final, the overall score had Budleigh leading by two.

However, spectators were left on tenterhooks as St Thomas held three shots with one play left for the Budleigh skipper.

Cementing the suspenseful climax, Peter Cooper delivered the final blow with a superb shot, allowing the Budleigh team to secure their overall win and gain six points.

Therefore, ensuring that the Otters stay vying for the top spot in Division 3.

The victors are dominating the outdoor season in the Over 60's Squad this year, with their exploits being largely celebrated and dominating the club's news.