In a heartwarming update on the collaborative initiative between Withycombe Rugby Club and the Educational Development Projects (EDP) Trust, the impact on the children of Awutu-Winton Senior High School in Ghana is nothing short of inspiring.

The joint effort between Withycombe Rugby Club and the EDP Trust aimed to go beyond the mere provision of sports gear; it sought to ignite a passion for rugby among the Ghanaian youth. The picture tells a tale of progress, enthusiasm, and the transformative power of sport.

Max Sayers, a representative of the EDP Trust, expressed immense joy at the visible impact of the venture. "Some of them have never played rugby; some of them don't even know what rugby is. Then, the moment you introduce it, you see a light bulb moment go off in their head, and they go, 'This is incredible.' Then they'll start running around; they have the best time."

Sayers went on to highlight the broader significance of the partnership, emphasizing how the donated kits are empowering the students of Awutu-Winton Senior High School. "It's not just about playing rugby; it's about improving their lives, enhancing their self-esteem, boosting their fitness levels, and laying the foundation for grassroots rugby in Ghana. I think it's just an amazing thing, so thank you so much for this incredible donation."

Withycombe Rugby Club's commitment to making a difference in the world, extending beyond the boundaries of the rugby field, is vividly reflected in the smiles and determination of the young Ghanaian players.

This collaboration between Withycombe Rugby Club and the EDP Trust serves as a powerful example of how a sporting community can come together to make a lasting impact. Through the donation of old kit, the club has not only provided essential gear but has also sown the seeds for a love of rugby, promoting physical activity and positively influencing the lives of children thousands of miles away.

With this initiative, Withycombe Rugby Club continues to demonstrate its dedication not only to the sport but also to the broader global community. The club's commitment to enriching the lives of young people through sport is not just commendable; it stands as a remarkable example for others to follow. The journey has just begun, and the image of progress in Ghana reaffirms the positive change that sport can bring to communities worldwide.