Children at Brixington Primary Academy have enjoyed a full week dedicated to sport. The school’s subject leader for PE – Katie Burnett – was determined that all children would have an opportunity to experience a sport that they hadn’t tried before.  

Coaches and sports clubs from all around town were invited to provide sessions and demonstrations for the pupils. A jam-packed schedule of sporting opportunity featured boxing, volleyball, mixed martial arts, cricket, rugby, yoga, football, dance…and more! 

Other highlights of the week included a visit from pro-skater, Rich Parker, who put the children through some gruelling circuits to test their fitness, and a traditional Sports Day competition that was attended by hundreds of parents and carers.  

Head of School Stuart Dyer said: “We wanted more of our children to sign up for lots of the great sporting clubs that we have in Exmouth. Already we’ve heard of girls signing up for rugby training and lots of children joining MMA. 

“Sportsmanship is one of our core values, along with respect, friendship and endeavour, all of which were easy to see throughout the week.”  

Brixington Primary Academy is a school for children aged 3-11 in Exmouth. Last year, it achieved a grading of Good from Ofsted.