The latest racing action at Honiton’s Wiscombe Park turned the clock back to motorsport’s earliest years.

The 500 Owners Association event saw a large field of 500cc single seat racing cars take to the hill. These cars were the starting point for racing drivers in the late 1940s through the 50s and 60s. Great names like Stirling Moss owe their careers to these small, agile cars powered by rear mounted JAP motorcycle engines.

Alongside these 500cc cars, there was a very varied field that included a selection of contemporary cars, motorbikes and sidecars.

In the 500 OA Class, Tom Waterfield - Cooper Mk9 - was the fastest with a time of 47.24s. On two wheels, North Devon rider Paul Jeffery on his KTM SMR topped the times on 41.76s. In the Class for contemporary cars, Andrew Forsyth in his OMS CF04 claimed Fastest Time of the Day – 36.44s.

Exmouth Journal: Tom Waterfield - Cooper Mk9

It was then the turn of the Chipping Norton based Vintage Sports-Car Club to take over the venue. Formed in 1934, the VSCC are one of the world’s largest and most prestigious car clubs. Eligible cars are those built between 1900 and 1960, with the majority of competitors racing cars from the 1930’s. The earliest car competing was the Talbot 25/50 of Robert Frankcom from 1913, while great names like ERA, Bugatti, Riley, Frazer Nash, and Austin 7, were all represented.

The award for the Fastest Time of the Day went to Ian Baxter in his 1937 Alta 61 I.S. with a time of 45.58s. Fastest Young Driver - Hamish Cameron-Eveleigh - Cooper/JAP Mk8 47.42s and Fastest Vintage - Patrick Blakeney-Edwards - Frazer Nash Super Sports 48.17s.

Exmouth Journal: Patrick Blakeney-Edwards - Frazer Nash Super Sports

For the large crowd lining the banks at Wiscombe Park on Sunday in glorious sunshine, there was a very rare opportunity to see an ERA in action. Arguably one of the most famous names in British motorsport, the cars were built in the 1930’s. However, only 19 cars now exist, and they are extremely valuable. Devon resident and car collector Martin Morris purchased ERA 11B in 1962 – it has been in the family ever since, and is now raced by Martin’s son, David, who has owned the car since 2006.

The next action at Wiscombe Park is the British Championships on July 29 and 30.

Exmouth Journal: Ian Baxter - Alta 61 I.S.