In one of my recent columns, I declared that a week is a long time in football – well ain’t that the truth! 

We always knew that one day another club would come knocking for Matt [manager Matt Taylor] – and indeed we’ve turned a few away in our time. But the enquiry from Championship side Rotherham felt altogether different.

There’s a certain politeness and etiquette which is followed by some clubs when they are interested in your manager and Rotherham followed this protocol, contacting us to ask for permission to speak to Matt as I was travelling to an EFL conference with Nick Hawker. We gave that permission, Matt met with them, and, obviously, impressed them. 

They offered him the job and then the negotiations began over what was a few tense days. Across the club, everyone pitched in and a well-oiled machine sprang, well, cranked, into action…all eyes were focused on what rapidly became the world’s worst kept secret!  

Our media team worked with Rotherham to co-ordinate the announcement, and there was only a little bit of north-south confusion when Rotherham said the announcement would be at dinner time – which turned out not to be at 6pm, but at 1pm. We helpfully advised them that 1pm is actually lunch time…As it turned out, there was a delay as the final legal matters were agreed and the announcement that all our fans had been dreading was finally made. 

While representatives from both clubs negotiated the details of Matt’s move, there was the small matter of two upcoming games. I spent a great deal of time at the Cliff Hill working with and supporting the boot room team and the squad.  

Although the squad were saddened to lose Matt, they never lost sight of the fact they had upcoming games to prepare for and were true professionals. MJ and Sweenz were fantastic, keeping the players updated and ensuring spirits were kept high.  

Being the type of club we are, we would never stand in anyone’s way; this is a great opportunity for Matt and across the club, everyone wishes him well. We were also sad to lose Wayne Carlisle who has been an excellent member of the team, and we wish him well. And don’t forget their families – football’s a weird old world, what other jobs would you be expected to uproot your whole life and move somewhere new in literally a matter of days?! 

And so, for now, we’ve become Kev [Nicholson] and Jon’s [Hill] red and white army and what a great couple of games they’ve had. A win at home against Southampton, followed by an amazing three points away at Barnsley – with a first league goal for Jay Stansfield in the number nine shirt. It was definitely an emotional moment for Jay, his family and Exeter City fans and what a link up that trio of Jay, Sam and Jev at the front is proving to be! 

The women’s game at SJP at the beginning of the month was a tremendous success, with more than 2,600 fans enjoying some top-quality football and a 3-1 win for City against Bournemouth Women. Apparently, it was the highest crowd at a women’s game across all leagues – beating the likes of Aston Villa, Man United and Tottenham women’s teams! A massive well done to everyone who put on that game, from the club, the women’s team and our partner charity Exeter City Community Trust. 

And they were obviously buoyed by the result, as this weekend saw them secure three points, with a spectacular five nil win against Maidenhead United. The team now play their home matches at Exwick Sports Hub, every Sunday – get along and enjoy a match, you won’t be disappointed! 

Next, we’ve faced another couple of big games, Charlton away under the floodlights on Tuesday and the Oxford United at home on Saturday – come and join us, because, as you surely know by now, the future’s bright, the future’s red and white