The absence of grassroots football has an obvious impact on the physical wellbeing of players, as they fall out of the normal ‘Saturday’ routine.
The unseen impact is mental health and the Football Association has moved to tackle the issue with a range of useful tips on
In these extraordinary times, everyone responds differently to the challenges presented by the Covid world and grassroots football often provides a valuable release from the pressures of normal life.
This ‘release’ not only applies to local players, but also coaches, club officials, volunteers, supporters and their families.
A number of organisations have put together some fantastic guides to helping those struggling with their mental health in the current crisis and Heads Up, the charity partner to the FA, is encouraging people to kick off the conversation about mental health.
Whether you are feeling low, anxious or unsure, or helping someone with mental health concerns, breaking the silence on this vital subject is such an important first step.
The Sound of Support campaign accompanied the FA Cup Final last summer and the simple idea is to use the popularity of football to encourage more people to feel comfortable talking about, and taking action to improve, their mental health.
Football is a family and seeking help from those around you is often the first major step to improving your mental health.
The FA encourage all those involved in the grassroots came to stay engaged with each other, arrange online gatherings, football quizzes and virtual events to reminisce on special football memories.
Coaches across the region, from the adult game to juniors, are setting players challenges to stay fit and sharp through the lockdown.
In partnership with the FA, Every Mind Matters has put together a list of tips to help those feeling anxious, bored, lonely or worried.
Stay connected with your football friends, talk about your worries, support others, look after your body and physical health, stick to the facts on Covid, acknowledge that some things are beyond your control, focus on the present and sleep well.
Most of all from a football perspective, always remember that our beautiful game will return.