‘Young uns’ show talent

OKLAHOMA - the great American musical - was performed by Centre Stage, served up by the great talents of Exmouth’s 14 - 20’s ‘young uns’!

I was fortunate to see it in rehearsals, plus two performances at The Pavilion - it was worth every penny I paid (for the tickets)!

From beginning to end, the young company performed with great pizzazz and well and truly earned the overture they received.

What a great team of principles! Fran Fardell’s ‘Aunt Ellen’ - great. Laurie and Curly, Hannah Caygill and Shaun Mabin, made a delightful couple, as did Ado Annie, Courtney Dempster and Perry Meadowcrofts Will Parker, Weirdo Jud Fry, Sean Mulkerrin and Duncan Taylor’s lighter touch as Ali Hakim brought added interest to the story.

Andrew Carnes - Tom Caygill, Gertie Cummings - Lauren Osman, Cord Elam - Charlie Leigh, Mike - Michael Sommers, were all believable and at home with their roles.

You may also want to watch:

The young chorus gave tremendous support to the principles. They worked with a will and, when the situation deserved it, their faces reacted to every change of mood.


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