Yes, there are jobs out there

May I respond to Jennifer Keevill’s letter in the Exmouth Journal regarding unemployed people in the Exmouth area.

In her letter, Ms Keevill asks where the jobs are for the 395 ‘Job Seekers’ of Exmouth?

Having carried out a brief internet search, I am pleased to report the first job site I came across ( was advertising 175 job vacancies within 10 miles of Exmouth.

The range of job opportunities advertised included the following categories: sales consultants, managers, accounting, driving instructors, charity fundraisers, software engineers, care assistants, administrators, pharmacists, financial, hospitality, legal, labourers, credit controllers, gas engineers, export advisers, call centre workers, buyers, chefs, recruitment consultants, travel consultants and more.

I do hope that the ‘Job Seekers’ will take up these job opportunities and soon begin to enjoy the financial benefits and fulfilment of holding down a job.

Ron Newman,

(via email).