Yes, I do exist

So now, are correspondents to The Journal liable to be vetted by our councillors? Queer behaviour, what!

I believe that any perceived ‘criticisms’ that my views or comments have aroused, in truth, only reflect the opinions of the local people.

The local council have only themselves to look at. Their record in this allotment saga (Greenway Lane, Budleigh Salterton) is all in the public domain already. Our differences over this issue are also.

I cannot believe that having a conversation with Councillor Dent would have any positive effect in getting this building proposal overturned. I believe that he voted in support of the plan at East Devon District Council.

Clearly, we are on opposite sides of the parade ground.

I can only refer the good councillor to the recent letters sent in by Jeremy Browne and Bob Wiltshire. I am in complete agreement with the two gentlemen’s comments.

I would recommend that Councillor Dent, who, I am sure, has helped do good things for Budleigh, spends less time looking for ‘phantoms’.

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In relation to the Electoral Roll, it could be that my name is on a register elsewhere.

I was taught that it was a mistake to assume that your target is where you thought it would be. I am not in public service; I have a private identity which, I believe, should be respected. That aside, as to my not being in the telephone directory, this is not unusual or worthy of further comment.

How can someone who does not exist write letters to a newspaper? I am as real as the eyes reading these words.

But, the reality here is that the local people do not want any building on this site.

I am too disappointed with our local councillors, so, unfortunately, I will have to decline Councillor Dent’s kind invitation to lunch. I am rather particular about the company I keep.

I do appreciate his concern, but, has Councillor Dent personally approached all the other people who have expressed an opposition to the development? I highlight the submitted petition. Will he be in contact with everyone on there?

And would that be as parish council business or all in his own time?

As for myself, I am quite happy to communicate solely through the Opinions page of The Journal. I thank them for giving me the platform to do so.

I have to get my camouflage kit out of the tumble dryer!

Over and out.

Major William Morris-Paper (Rtd).

The Red Brick House, Granary Lane,


Editor’s note: a letter from Councillor Dent (Journal, October 20) questioned whether Major Morris-Paper actually existed and whether someone was using a pseudonym.