Worries still valid

I have been an active opponent of the developments north of Dinan Way and in the Maer Valley for the well-aired reasons of loss of natural countryside, impingement on the pebble heaths etc etc.

Also, the present infrastructure of Exmouth is, in my view, at full capacity.

The employment within the town is generally such that the salaries paid are far too low to enable present townspeople to afford to purchase any of the proposed new builds. Who, therefore, will buy these houses? Second home owners, retirees from outside the area, buy to let landlords.

I ask the question, as I am unsure what this will do to alleviate the housing shortage within the area. All these many concerns have been aired in the LDF consultations, which have been going on for many months.

I, therefore, applaud that, at present, the numbers of proposed new dwellings have been reduced from 1850 to 1150. Even at this level, the original arguments for overstretch of infrastructure, amenities and facilities remain valid.

Another point which I find a little concerning is the proposal that an area to the North of Godmores Farm might be suitable for a 500 home development.

This area, as far as I am aware, never appeared in the original LDF proposals and has not been scrutinised in the same way as the St Johns Wood and Maer Lane proposals.

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I feel that the same arguments regarding loss of natural habitat, loss of open space, green lung etc, apply equally to this area as to any other.

Les Williams

(via email).