Work avoidance

It has become noticeable that many overseas people are taking up employment in the Exmouth area.

Whether you visit a dentist, shop, restaurant, care home, travel on the buses or hire a tradesman, you are likely to encounter someone who has travelled hundreds of miles from Europe and beyond for the privilege of living and working in Exmouth.

In general, I find these overseas workers to be conscientious, polite and hard-working and an asset to our community. How many local restaurants, care homes or hotels would survive without them?

With regard to the local job situation, there are about 400 ‘job seekers’ in the Exmouth area, many of whom are classed as long-term unemployed and living on state hand-outs.

It is my opinion that no job creation initiative or ‘work club’ will drive these people into work, as they seem to have mastered the art of work avoidance.

At the time of writing this letter, there are 682 job vacancies advertised within 10 miles of Exmouth (covering dozens of different trades) on a job search website Happy job hunting!

Ron Newman

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