Woodbury of Old with Roger Stokes

All Woodbury history is serious stuff of course, but some is less serious than others.

This poster represents the latter and depicts a most important part of Woodbury history which should not be forgotten. In the 1940s and ’50s, when the carnivals were in full swing, an important part of carnival week was the comic football match.

A poster similar to this would appear annually, dotted around the village to announce the Saturday afternoon entertainment.

In true Dad’s Army fashion, the nicknames of the participants tended to follow their day jobs, hence “News Chronicle” Davey was the newsagent and “Glass Washer” Francis ran the pub, whilst “Dumper” Chapman worked at Blackhill Quarry and “Jockey” Joy was a bit of a racing man.

Unfortunately, the team has become a bit depleted now for obvious reasons, and there are only two remaining, Dumper and Ginger Pop.

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They, luckily for them, have not yet been offered a “transfer”! , but all have been recorded in the annals of Woodbury history for ever.

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