Woodbury house boarded up after anti social behaviour

THE RESIDENTS of a house in Woodbury have been banned from living at their property for three months following a number of anti social behaviour incidents.

Under new powers, used for the first time in East Devon, a closure order was granted at Exeter Magistrates Court to ‘close’ a house at 15 Stokes Mead until March 21.

The order prevents any persons from attempting to enter the house which is now boarded up.

Anybody who attempts to enter the address from now until March 21 will be arrested under provisions of the Anti Social Behaviour Act.

PC Simon Blyth, beat manager for Woodbury, said by enforcing the closure order there were fewer problems in the area.

He said some of the trouble which led to an application for the closure order included stolen goods being stored at the property, remnants of drug material as well as periodic screaming and shouting noises causing disruption to neighbours.

“Everybody who now lives in the area are quite pleased at how much more quiet it is,” said PC Blyth.

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“The closure order is a very effective measure which I am sure will be used again in East Devon.

“I would like to point out, however, that the police do explore all options before this and an order is only used as a last option.

“If anybody goes to the house and attempts to enter, even the householder, they will be arrested as it will be contempt of court.”

PC Blyth said there had been ‘long and protected’ problems at the house which had involved the deployment of police cars and helicopters as it was being used as a refuge for various types of anti-social behaviour.

“The house closure is to give neighbours a period of peace and grace,” he said.