Withycombe motocross rider to race for charity

A Withycombe motocross rider is aiming to raise thousands of pounds for a cancer charity by racing 20 times in just two days.

Between them, Dickie Dye, from Green Hill Avenue, and former world champion Dave Thorpe aim to race in every one of the 40 races at this year’s Vets Motocross des Nations at Farleigh Castle, near Trowbridge, on September 24 and 25.

Backed by sponsors including MPS, they are hoping to raise around �5,000 for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Dickie said: “A couple of close friends have cancer right now – some who I know, have had it and beat it, but some haven’t been so lucky.

“It can happen to anybody, any time and there is a ripple effect when someone is diagnosed; it impacts on parents, children and friends as well as the patient.

“There are psychological and financial effects. All future plans go out the window, you just think about how to get through the next day… alive.

“We chose Macmillan because the charity doesn’t just focus on one aspect of cancer; it offers support to everyone involved from diagnosis to recovery.”

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Calvin Lovelock, from Macmillan, said: “The Macmillan team can be with you every step of the way, however it is our volunteer fund-raisers like Dickie and Dave who make it all possible.

“I am so grateful to them for involving us in this prestigious event.”

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