Win a Cushelle goodie pack!

If you’re as fond of softness as the Cushelle koala, enter this competition to win a king-size duck feather duvet, a pair of pillows, a luxurious bundle of Egyptian cotton towels, a hooded towel for babies/young toddlers, a plush Cushelle koala toy, a set of bath toys, and a pack of Cushelle toilet tissue.

Running a home isn't without its challenges. Ferrying the kids around, tackling that mountain of laundry and finding the time to do the weekly shop all take their toll, leaving you feeling frazzled, and, if you're honest, sometimes just a little bit irritable. But when life is hard, taking time out for a little bit of comfort can help you show your softer side.

Soft toilet tissue is one of those little things in life that can make a big difference. And, if you and your family can't resist softness, there's one toilet tissue you can't be without.

Charmin has now become Cushelle - it's the same irresistible product, with a brand new name and a new friend in the shape of the Cushelle koala, who just loves softness. Find out more at

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