Why not re-use containers?

The idea of having a deposit on bottles is a good one, but they are a pain to return individually.

My idea is that bottles of beer, water, drinks etc, could be sold in a strong cardboard (or even a reusable plastic) carry container in a six or twelve pack which is divided into sections, so that as the drink is used, the bottles are replaced into the same container.

The container would have a carry handle, making it easier and safer.

The deposit is charged on the full container, which is easily returned, (and easily identified for re-use)

The other point is that there are too many different shapes of the same size of bottle and the industry would make re-use easier, if they had some standardisation of container, which would allow anyone to re-use each other’s bottles.

I am sending this to other organisations, too.

Lance Mangold

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Bicton Villas, Exmouth