Do you know who owns the Magnolia clock?

Exmouth's Magnolia clock

Exmouth's Magnolia clock - Credit: Archant

An appeal has been made by Exmouth Town Council for help in identifying the owner of the clock in the Magnolia Centre .

The clock forms part of the public realm seating area outside the COOP and is believed to date back to the 1970’s when the Magnolia Centre was redeveloped but its ownership remains a mystery.

The Council has established that the land on which the clock has been erected belongs to Devon County Council and in recent years, East Devon District Council has contributed to the upkeep of the clock, but nobody has been able to identify who funded the clock initially and it does not feature in the archived planning application for the Magnolia Centre.

The Town Council wishes to remove the current structure and will then explore options for a replacement clock but needs permission from Devon County Council to do so and has been advised, as a precautionary measure, that it should do all it can to satisfy itself that there are no ownership disputes.

Anyone with information about the clock is asked to email the Town Clerk, Lisa Bowman, at townclerk@

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