Who allowed it?

Further to the letter from David Green, I would like to ask who has sanctioned the use of the Manor Gardens for a profit-making event, which excludes people from using a public area?

I enjoy music and regularly support live music at events throughout the town, including the Exmouth Festival, which asks for donations in the form of making collections.

Even as part of the festival, I do not particularly like the fact that the Kite Festival organsiers charge people to enter the Imperial Playing Fields, another public space, but at least this is supporting the Exmouth Festival as a whole.

Perhaps I am wrong in assuming that the event on the Manor Gardens is wholly for profit, perhaps it is, in fact, in support of the East Africa Famine Relief Fund.

Now that would get my support.

Keith Vaughan

(via email).

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EDITOR’S NOTE: Mr Nightingale last week wrote a letter to the Journal in which he said “in the unlikely event that there are any profits, donations are being made to a local charity.

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