What price a life?

On January 21, I sent a letter to Hugo Swire MP to ask for his support in asking the government to reconsider its decision to abolish the role of Chief Coroner, which is widely considered to be an essential part of the New Coroners’ Bill.

Hugo Swire, as my MP, feels he cannot fight this bill for CRY (Cardiac Risk in the Young), which is fighting so hard for backing from MPs, as we need the support and help that comes from the coroner.

Experts believe that it will prove much more expensive to abolish the role of Chief Coroner.

The government believes, because of the cost of keeping the Chief Coroner and his office, that money will be saved by transferring his functions to another body. I and others do not believe this.

How can they think it is satisfactory to remove such an important role - in the 21st Century, there will be no one person in charge. You cannot get rid of a coroner on a whim.

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Twelve young people a week die from Cardiac Death Syndrome (CDS) and every loss is heartbreak.

CDS has taken three members of my family. We, as a family, did not see a coroner until the third death.

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Families need answers about lethal conditions that can suddenly strike without warning, robbing a family of what often seemed the fittest and healthiest member.

Without CRY, we would be left in the dark. It’s only through CRY’s campaign that we are aware of sudden Cardiac Death Syndrome.

What price do MPs and the government put on life? Taking away the Chief Coroner’s Office will lead to more deaths and will cause misery to many families.

The fact that 12 young people will die each week should make our MPs think again.

Hugo Swire MP writes in his letter that the government will continue with its programme of publishing a charter, which will set out the standards of service, but it is a vital part of the Coroners’ Bill to ensure that the needs of grieving families are heard and acted upon.

Will you please help us by signing the petition at http//www.gopetition.com/petition42581.html?

Kathy Moyle

Devon CRY Representative,

East Budleigh.

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