‘What he did will never leave me’ - reveals victim

One of Dance’s victims said the anguish she was subjected to at the hands of the sick paedophile will never leave her.

She said, thanks to Exmouth CID, she was now able to start putting the memories of her horrific past behind her.

The victim urged anyone suffering in silence at the hands of evil sex offenders to talk to the police.

She said the support of Detective Constable Mike Chalmers and her family and friends had been invaluable when speaking out about her ‘dreadful ordeal’.

She also praised the bravery of Dance’s other victims, whose evidence helped convict the violent paedophile.

She said: “The anguish I have suffered over the last 21 years will always be with me, but, thanks to the justice system, I can now add some closure.

“With continued strength and support we can now move forward into a brighter future.

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“Policing today gives so much victim support and I would urge anyone who has, or is, suffering any crime of abuse to step forward and bring all perpetrators to justice.”