What a year to launch a new business!

Fishing rights along the River Okement for sale via 247 Property Auctions

Fishing rights along the River Okement for sale via 247 Property Auctions - Credit: 247 Property Auctions

Happy first birthday 247 Property Auctions!

What a year to launch a new business, three lockdowns in and many ups, plus a few downs, later I can look back on the year and feel very proud.

When I started 247 Property Auctions this time last year, I was blissfully unaware of impending events how the weeks and months ahead would pan out.

Fortunately, following the first lock down the property industry has been able to operate, with restrictions in place.

This has allowed the business to keep moving forward and after last week’s announcements and the publication of the road map to ease lockdown, we can all now see a light at the end of the tunnel for everyday life to return to normal.

The past year through the pandemic has led many to review their lifestyle and where they live, leading to a move in area maybe from town to country, closer to family or open space.

Perhaps a rethink in income to pursue a path in property investment even.

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We have seen this in the increase in interest in the South West as many review their life choices and have had a new flexibility of working remotely.

And how lucky we are with our outdoor spaces.

Online property auctions don’t just offer property but also land and opportunities that many may not have previously considered pre-pandemic.

Perhaps for those that don’t see a move on the horizon but have enjoyed the increased time outside, the offer of parcels of outdoor space or river fishing rights may be very attractive.

If the recent lockdowns have allowed time to think of a new project, perhaps a plot of land to develop or a new investment property to let out to boost income.

Looking back over the first year of going live offering weekly online property auctions, like many, the year has allowed me more outdoor time and with family, appreciating where we live and the outside space on our doorstep.

I am very much looking forward to the path out of lockdown ahead and year two for 247 Property Auctions.

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