What a lot of ammunition

It is somewhat rare for me to open a copy of the Journal and find so much ammunition lying spread across the pages, but the last couple of weeks, has filled my magazine and I need to fire off a few rounds!

It is somewhat rare for me to open a copy of the Journal and find so much ammunition lying spread across the pages, but the last couple of weeks, has filled my magazine and I need to fire off a few rounds!

I could perhaps entitle my tome this week as "Nimbyism-alive and well on the Jurassic Coast!"

Firstly, we had the superb "fawning" letter by A Greenfield, who one could assume is the "founder member of the Dr Jennings fan club" as well as a member of the Acronym users association of Great Britain.

His lengthy tome, in praise of Dr Jennings, attempted to justify yet again, why the longboat should not be allowed to pass through the democratic processes of planning application, but should be shot down in flames by the "Nimbyistic Elite" of Budleigh Salterton, who seem quite happy to oppose any development in the town that does not suit them!

By the time we had fought our way through the SSSIs, the AONBs and the WHSs we could probably be forgiven for suspecting the Longboat developers might have WMDs or that EDDC might have FUBAR'd completely!

Then we progressed on to the second barrel of last week's broadside at the Longboat.

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The esteemed "Dr Daniel" and his/her fears of "heavy lorries" on the esplanade!

Not just any old heavy lorries mind (here's the catch) but "lorries delivering to the Longboat"! Causing injuries and even forcing a "registered blind person" to write to EDDC!

The Longboat has become the "whipping boy" for seemingly everyone in Budleigh against any form of change, what next I ask?

Will the owners be accused of witchcraft and placed upon a ducking stool? or will their planning application be "fired" by those who do not have the courage of their convictions to advertise where they come from?

I, for one, am sick and tired of those against the Longboat development, trying to dig fatuous reasons out of the hat, to stop the project.

If the esteemed Messrs Greenfield and Jennings had bothered to even look at the "Jurassic Coast" website, they would know that Budleigh Saltertons coastal features are "Triassic" rather than "Jurassic". The "Jurassic" coast does not start until Lyme Regis.

We are treated to a selection of waffle from many of the anti's about the ruination of the Jurassic panorama and the views etc etc.

Perhaps they should take a boat off Budleigh Beach and look back at the stunning view! It's really Jurassic! Blocks of flats, luxury bungalows with "galleon sails" billowing forth from pine decking, magnolia rendered toilets and a concrete ice cream kiosk resembling something from Hitler's Atlantic Wall. Not exactly Jurrassic is it?

But, of course not, who needs democratic process? Lets just resort to anarchy. Life would be so much more fun.

On the subject of fun, I was so pleased to see the report about "Exmouth marina residents complaining to the council".

It was with the utmost joy that I realised the seagulls had come home to roost on those who had bought expensive "marina" apartments in Exmouth and been instrumental in the destruction of a working harbour and the loss of local employment for many.

They also had the temerity to moan about "rattling mast stays" in the dinghy park or those "nasty working class people using Belshers Slipway"

Perhaps they should have thought of those whom their luxury apartments overshadowed, or those whose livelihoods were ruined when the docks closed and then they may have received some sympathy when the new wall of luxury apartments blotted out their light and their sea view!

Its nice sometimes to realise that the old saying "what goes around comes around" is still as valid today as it was a long time ago.

I R Woolger,

16 Otter Court,

Budleigh Salterton.

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