Weekly bin collections unlikely

Any attempt by the Government to impose weekly bin collections on residents is likely be resisted by the district council because of their recycling success.

Last week, communities secretary Eric Pickles signalled he wanted to see the return of weekly bin collections across England.

He has told the Audit Commission - which monitors local government spending - to stop encouraging councils to save money with fortnightly collections.

About 160 of the 386 English local authorities collect bins fortnightly.

Before the election, the Conservatives had pledged to restore weekly collections, but the coalition government is not promising any extra money to help councils do this.

But East Devon District Council say it is still making the same number of collections that it made before the new system was introduced.

A spokesman for the council said: “The difference is that we are collecting food waste and dry recycling weekly and landfill fortnightly.

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“This encourages people to focus on recycling as much as possible and discourages them from filling the landfill bin with items that could, and should, be recycled.

“Our system is proving highly successful in driving up recycling rates and reducing landfill per household to among the lowest levels in the country.”

Last week, EDDC announced they were within touching distance of recycling 50 per cent of all rubbish – 48.6 per cent for the full year, a rise from 34.17 per cent.

Just two weeks ago, new council leader, Paul Diviani, announced his green vision for East Devon.

Cllr Iain Chubb, cabinet member for environment, added: “I have heard nothing but praise for our recycling collection and the fortnightly landfill collection. It makes householders think before they throw things away into landfill bins; they also think about purchasing greener products.

“Bins no longer smell due to the separate food waste bins and no longer do you see split bin bags raided overnight by vermin.

“The kerbsides, on bin days, are clean and no longer do you have to hold your nose because of smelly refuse trucks. I think the practice of fortnightly refuse collection and weekly recycling is a good system.”